Manokamna Siddhi and Kashtha Nivarana Puja


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Why should you go for this Pooja? 1. Manokamna means Wish. This Puja is meant for “Wish Fulfilment”. 2. Kashtha means “Problems” and Nivarana means “Removal”. This Puja helps in getting rid of problems in life. 3. This Puja helps in mitigating the negative influences in life. Meant for achieving something in life. 4. This yagya is meant for removing all obstacles and bestow you with wealth and prosperity.It can prove helpful in removing all pains and problems from ones life. This Puja will help in “Wish Fulfilment”. If you have got some wish to be be achieved, then this vedic ritual helps in bringing in positivity in achieving the same. It helps in mitigating the negative influences affecting the various aspects of life like health, relationships, marital relationships, finances, career etc. This Pooja helps the participant in keeping the good fortunes stay with him.