Bagalamukhi Devi Anushthan Puja 9 days


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Maa Baglamukhi Puja Anushthan 9 Days

The Maa Baglamukhi is considered to be the controller, creator and destroyer of the whole universe. She is the only reason for the existence of the universe. It is believed that if the devotees do the puja with full dedication and devotion than the Maa Baglamukhi will act as weapon for you so that you can fight with all the evil energies residing in your life. It is also believed that people can be removed from all the adverse situations, legal problems and unpredictable accidents. The Maa Baglamukhi also has the power of removing the Black magic from the life of an individual. The – and puja needs to be offered to Maa Baglamukhi so that you can achieve the victory in all the legal issues.

Baglamukhi Anushthan Benefits

The Maa Baglamukhi holds the eighth important position among all the ten Mahavidya’s. to perform the Anushthan of Maa Baglamukhi, the special rituals needs to be followed so that no mistake is done in that. With the help of this Anushthan, the devotees will be able to defeat their enemies both internal and external. This Anushthan helps the devotees to remove all types of jealousy, anger and arrogances so that they are able to make decisions with cool mind and does not think destructive about anything. The external enemies are also removed as the Maa destroys them and make their life hell. Maa Baglamukhi seizes the tongue of enemy so that they are not able to speak and remain dumb throughout their life. Goddess also removes the poverty, debts and disease. The stability in the life is also achieved.

How to do Maa Baglamukhi Anushthan

The Maa Baglamukhi Anushthan starts by placing the idol of Maa in the temple/Anushthan room. Afterwards, light the diya and agarbatti and offer flowers to the foot of Maa and then do the Anushthan. On this day, people also prepare the Prasad for the deity so that they can offer into the feet of the Goddess and then can distribute it to the devotees or relatives. During the Anushthan the mantra is recited and then the Aarti is performed. The Anushthan makes the devotees powerful so that they can fight from all the problems and evil energies and can live the life peacefully. All the happiness and prosperity is achieved in the life. The dedication and devotion of devotes makes the Maa Baglamukhi happy and in return she fights with the enemies.

Importance of Baglamukhi Anushthan

The Maa Baglamukhi Anushthan is very important in the life of an individual as it removes all the ill and malefic effects from the life of an individual that are related to planet Mars. The planet Mars is very malefic in one’s horoscope so that needs to be removed and this can only be done by Maa Baglamukhi. The afflictions that are related to Mangal Doshas are being removed. The obstacles or hurdles that are there in the life of an individual are also being removed. The devotees also live in harmony as the evil energies are being paralyzed so that they cannot harm anyone.