Tula Rashi Libra Sign Lucky Gemstone Locket Pendant


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Stones :- Semi precious substitutes of DIAMOND + BLUE SAPPHIRE + EMERALD Description :Luck enhancement Zodiac Locket Pendant are made of three different semi precious stones and they are specifically made to improve and strengthen a persons horoscope. In any horoscope the houses forming the “ Trikon “ i.e. the First , Fifth and the Ninth house are supposed to be most important houses. The first house or the “ Lagna “ represents the entire personality of the person where as the fifth house represents the intellect , education , children and the ninth house represents the Destiny luck ( Bhagya ). If the above three houses are strong i.e. the Lords of these houses are strong and benefic then there is no doubt that a person becomes Happy , Healthy , Wealthy and famous as per the stipulations laid out by most eminent astrologers. This Rashi Ratna Lucky Pendant comes with a SILVER CHAIN So that it can be directly worn. The stones used in the Luck Enhancement Rashi Ratna Lockets Pendant represents the Lords of the above three houses. Libra (Tula) : In this Lagna Rashi Sign the Lords of the first , fifth and the ninth house are Venus , Saturn and Mercury respectively and therefore this Luck Enhancement Pendant has been made using Diamond , Blue Sapphire and Emerald. ( substitute stones of the above Gems)