Rishi Panchami Puja


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Rishi Panchami is falls on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha in the in the month of August and September (Bhadra in Hindi month). In Hill district of North India and Nepal Rishi Panchami Puja is of great importance to the Hindu community. Rishi Panchami is also the final day fasting or Vrata for those who observe three-day Hartalika Teej fasting. Rishi Panchami Puja is very difficult that any other festival. The fast or vrata on Rishi Panchami is performed strictly by men and women. The date of this Year 2014 for Rishi Panchami will be on 30 August, Saturday. On Rishi Panchami day, Devotees perform ritual bath in holy rivers or other water bodies. They clean their hands 108 times and the mouth also 108 times. Lord Ganesha, Navagraha (nine planetary Gods), Saptarshis (seven Sages) and Arundathi are worshipped. Woman offer the Prasad to Gods and wash her husband’s feet. Then, women once more perform sacred bath. They rub the special red mud for several times on different parts of the body. They sprinkle water over head and brush the teeth for 360 times with Dantiwan, a sacred plant. With taking ritual bath once again in sacred water devotees believe blessed that their all sins are cleansed away. Rishi Panchami, Rishi Panchami 2014, Rishi Panchami katha, Rishi Panchami puja, Rishi Panchami vrat, Rushi Panchami 2014, rishi panchami procedure