Pooja for Victory in Court Cases


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Devi Bagulamukhi is worshipped for victory in court cases and for getting the victory over enemies. Devi BaglaMukhi has the power of turning things into its opposite. Pooja for Victory in Court Cases It is said that Offering of Puja to Devi BagalaMukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing a harm against you. It is also believed that by offering Puja to Maa Bagalamukhi somebody can get a relief from legal problems; can get rid of being the victim of an adverse incidents; can avoid the possibility of accidents and an anticipated unnatural events. She can destroy an enemy’s intellect, destroys enemy’s mal-intention for doing wrong things and doing of Harm against someone. She has the power to Remove of the effect of Black Magic. Offering of Puja to Devi BagalaMukhi may treat your enemies well by destroying their sense of Mischief against you and making them friendlier to you and saving you from the effect of Evils eye. By this pooja you may get rid from enemis and win in court case.