Manik Ruby Ring


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Approx Weight of Ruby Maneek will be in 5 ratti. It is used for Leo (Simha) Rashi Sign.One who wears Ruby “Manik” which is unblemished and with luster, brilliance and radiance, is blessed with wealth, property, acquires and children. He becomes prosperous and accumulates preciousness. He is protected from fear, afflictions, sorrow and disasters and becomes fully virile. His will-power and spirit is strengthened and he becomes fortunate and occupies a high and respected position in the society.• Ruby (Manik) is the symbol of Good Health, dynamism, enthusiasm, love & passion. It makes you bold, spirited and courageous. • Sun is the lord of sign LEO and One should always wear RUBY in case SUN is powerless of depleted in the Horoscope. •The Hindu Shastras says,==“If Sun is powerful in the Horoscope, it overcomes almost every kind of hurdles occurring due to other planets.” ==• Ruby has the divine power to remove poison (toxins) out of body.• Wearing Ruby removes negative thoughts and gets the person to “SATVIK MARGA”, the positive way of living life. • Ruby sometimes changes its color to give the indication of the bad upcoming time to the native. • Ruby destroys poverty and brings in the wealth and harmony to the wearer. • Wearing Ruby enhances native’s religious power. • Ruby protects the native from “BHOOT-PRET BADHA”, the fear of ghosts and evil powers. • The SUN is the planet, which effects native’s father in every manner and every field of his life. • A native ruled by SUN can be a great POLITICIAN and the AMBASSADOR of the country. • People looking for great business, profession, wealth, career opportunities should wear RUBY. • DISEASES-=Ruby helps in the diseases like HEART TROUBLE, BRAIN RELATED PROBLEMS, EYE DISEASES, FEVER, SORROW NESS, QUARRELSOME and NERVOUS SYSTEM AND BONES etc. This ring made in Asht dhatu.