Certified Emerald Gemstone


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Product Description

Weight – 6.43 Crt

Shape of Cut – Oval Mixed

Colour – Green

Refractive Index – 1.580 – 1.590 Biref 0.010

Dimension/ Measurement – 15.05 x 11.35 x 6.10 MM

Price – Rs. 4500

Comment – You are finding this actual photograph of this Natural Emerald Verified Gemstone. Its Hindi Name is Pnna. This is Budh Graha Ratna or Gemstone of Mercury for Gemini or Virgo or via Hindi Name Mithun or Kanya Rashi Sign. This is original details of Emerald which is you are going to purchase with lab tested certification.

Certified No. It will shown on your certificate which we will send you. This is Certified/verified by Govt. Approved Gemstone Laboratory.