CAT’S EYE Lahsunia Ring


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CATS EYE (Lahsunia) is the symbol of awareness, self retrospection and liberation. It brings joy and financial stability in your life. It helps protect you from enemies. It helps you winning legal cases. It represents Ketu, Cats Eye (Lehsunia) is the stone of planet “KETU”, the dragon’s tail. • These two planets are not there in the solar system. But Indian astrologers consider them to be shadow planets. RAHU and KETU are always placed in 7th house from each other and they always transit in the retrograde position in the horoscope. • “KETU” is an auspicious planet. • “KETU” indicates the position of the maternal grandfather of the native. It indicates the black magic, horned animals, death due to the animals with horns, dogs, hen etc. If “KETU” is in the malefic position in the horoscope, the native may suffer the enmities. “KETU” indicates the self-realization, understanding one’s own self, Vedic studies, knowledge, liberation from birth-death cycle, yoga, science etc.• If the position of “KETU” is in favor, the native will be enjoying a great intellectual power. He leads a religious life having faith in god. He may also get attracted towards the black magic, religions doctrines, fanaticism, etc. • The malefic position of “KETU” in the horoscope may result in the imprisonment, accident, unnatural bad dreams, sorrow and an early death