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Capricorn Love Horoscope

The sign lord of Capricorn is Saturn. According to the Indian Vedic astrology, people born under this zodiac sign have Venus as their planet of love and their planet for marriage is Moon and their lord of family is Saturn.

The year 2015 is going to bring amazing results, leading to some loving and caring relations in your personal life. You will also have the support of the transit of Jupiter into this zodiac. There are chances that you will good news for marriage and children related matters.

In the beginning of the year, there is going to be an amazing time and you will find utmost mental peace. Your spouse or lover will support you intensely in each one of your decisions. If you are single, there are chances that your dream man or dream woman will find you. There will be quite an increase in the level of attraction for you. Be confident to act as a responsible person. There is chance that you will celebrate some auspicious occasion in the family.

In the 2nd quarter of the year, you can expect to have an even better time in your personal relations. Expect to get some good proposals for marriage for those, who are of the marriageable age. A favorable luck will help you to settle down in a healthy family.

In the third quarter, there can arise a few problems, especially from the side of your siblings. There will be a few property related disputes between you and your relatives. If your family members interfere in the situation, the situation will only worsen leading to no possibility to solution. In such a case, try to act intelligently, keeping your calm.

The year will end improving the situation and your old problems and difficulties will gradually disappear. The disruptions with your family members will find harmony and peace. You can expect to divert the situation with events like child birth, marriage or even buying a new home. Respect the elders and expect good news from your children.

Auspicious time for marriage or new relationship for Capricorn in 2015

From the month of January to July 2015, there is high chance that you will be married off if you are still single. This is because, Jupiter, the Lord of marriage will be residing in your marriage house in the zodiac chart.

Auspicious time for child birth for Capricorn in 2015

People, who are planning for their own baby, will find the period from 17th March 2015 to 11th April 2015 and also the period between 8th October 2015 and 8th November 2015 as a very good period for child birth or even to conceive.

Difficult time for married Capricorn couples and love affairs in the year 2015

There will be no major trouble in the year 2015 for the Capricorns to find disrupt and disturbance in the love affairs or marriage. But you need to be a little careful within the period from 24th June 2015 to 8th August 2015.

Remedies for improvement in personal life for Capricorn in 2015

  • Worship Lord Shiva daily
  • Donate milk, sugar and rice on every Monday
  • Respect women

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