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Rahu Transit Predictions for All zodiac Rashi Sign – Rahu enter into Cancer date 18 August 2017

Rahu Transit Predictions for All zodiac Rashi Sign – Rahu enter into Cancer

Rahu transit for 2017

Rahu is definitely one of the most important as well as unpredictable planet in the astrology. It can bring an immense of good as well as worst for the people. Keeping a track on the same is thus very much necessary for the people.

The Rahu basically is moving through the very sign of the Leo right now. Also it will move back to the sign of the Cancer from the date of 18th of August, 2017 a Friday. This is one planet that makes transit every possible 18 months and thus needs to be known about.

The following article will provide people an insight of the movement of Rahu in the year of 2017 and how this will affect them as well.


The planet of Rahu basically will make a move through the very Fifth house for the Aries. This will allow you to be exceptionally creative and refreshing as well. The ideas will definitely get recognized.

The problem might be with the kids and the students who will tend to be restless and thus losing grip on their studies. From the month of September though it will move to your fourth house making you calm and opening many opportunities to you. Though the family life may get disturbed because of the pressure in the work field.

Things will definitely start improving for you and you will get an immense of good vibes out of your life.

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The initial of the year may not be too good for you. In the very beginning due to the transit of Rahu in your fourth house, you may feel lethargic. You will tend to lose all your energy and zest to perform and work life may seem boring.

The activeness will slowly return though bringing you great results for yourself. After the planet makes a transit from the Cancer the luck will change for better. You will get many opportunities and your performances will increase for the best results of course.

A lot of positivity is exactly what you will feel for yourself. Also spiritual practices may seem to attract you. This will definitely help you.


The planet of Rahu will stay in your 3rd house for most of the year. This is the period that you should thoroughly enjoy. You should make sure of the fact that the strong will and a lot of enthusiasm is exactly what stays with you for the most period of time. Your siblings will definitely do well.

You may also be able to go on various short journeys. After September though you may not be able to spend a lot of time at home anymore. You will have a progress on the work front though and definitely this will keep you much more busy than you could think of.



This year the Rahu will be in your second house and this is exactly why the finances will surge. You will get a lot much than you will expect. The change of mind is also on the cards but the results will be absolutely great for you. The family issues will also be petty for you to handle.

Health of the loved ones and yourself may tend to get a bit bad but then it will not at all be affecting you the bad way. The family members may not always be able to match up to your intellect and thus problems can rise a bit. Keeping patience with small matters may help you win the game.


This year may definitely not turn out to be favourable for the people of the Leo sign. They may have to go through a lot many problems all together. Marital life is definitely one of them. The married couples will find no peace with each other. Also you will have an immense of hard time as you can hardly distinguish between the well-wishers and the back stabbers.

You may be able to find great connections in the foreign lands through travelling. If there are problems in your planets though then the health is one thing that will have serious problems and so would their reputation have. The expenses are thus necessary for you. This will rise up.


The Rahu’s movement can be both bad as well as beneficial for you this year. Its transition through the very 12th house will be harmful to you. Your health might deteriorate immensely and this will be a kind of a problem for you. Also reputation will be at stake at this very instance.

After the month of September though everything will be back to normal in the best possible way. A new love relationship is on the cards of course. Your professional growth will know no limits and financially you will be much stable as well. Making a senior completely understanding of your intentions will be the best for you as it will be hard for them to understand you.

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The Rahu will be transiting through the 5th planet of the Libra sign and this is why a great deal of financial success seems to be on the card. A great success in the career will be the reason why such a change will take place. You can experience few of the very best things this year overall.

The children will do great this time. Family trips and that too quite frequent is on the cards as well. Your love life will also be doing great in this particular period. You may have a change of work after the month of September. You will get quite busy and time for your family may hardly seem possible at all.



This year the Rahu is in eth tenth house of the Scorpios. This is exactly what is related to two most important things and those are the profession and the Karma. You have to be mentally very stable because you will need to make a great decision on how you want your career to turn out to be.

The career decisions may be the greatest one for the future to be stable. With your busy schedule the family life is ought to get disturbed and this is exactly why maintaining a good amount of balance is exactly what is needed. Father’s health is a bit of concern and you might change for the worst for the same. Careful decisions should be made though.


The Rahu is in your Ninth house this year and this certainly doesn’t seem to be right at all. The health of your father is one of the major concerns here though. Your father and you may fall apart during this year because of many reasons altogether.

You may get to try some of the occult practices after September and this is strictly prohibited. You may also get to attain some of the most unwanted as well as undetectable diseases for yourself. Also there is a possibility of accidents that might cause much of a problem.


This year the Rahu will be transiting through your eight house. This is the house of mysteries and thus this will lead to successfully managing to gain your attention into few very secretive things that will help you make money. You will definitely have a promotion this year and also you can gain great monetary gains this year.

The students in various researches this year will get an immense profit. Father’s health is going to be a concern for you. Due to the transition of the Rahu in Cancer your marital and the love life will have problems. There might be much misunderstanding in the surge.

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This year is definitely not good for your relationships. Your love life will suffer. Either you are married or you are in a partnership nothing will seem to work for you. There will be a whole lot of problems that you can hardly deal with.

Though the progress in your career is definite. You will easily win over you enemies and also if you are sitting for competitive examinations you are likely to pass them excellently. Also the legal disputes will be easily won by you in each and every way possible.


This year you will be a whole lot of patience and this endurance of yours will definitely provide you with the best possible results in more than just one way. The enemies of your will be no match for you and you will win at every situation.

You will have to be careful in the very later times though. Making great strategies to keep you out of the problems beforehand will help you in the best possible way of course. There will be many opportunities in your way that you should recognize as well as make the best of.


There can be many problems with the Rahu in your horoscope. The following is the list of solutions that you can actually try for the betterment of your life:

  • Wearing of anything made of silver,
  • Feeding the blag dogs in the area,
  • Thoroughly worshipping Lord Shive for the best results,
  • Visiting the temple of Lord Bhairav and praying to him.
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