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Ketu Transit 2017 Predictions for All zodiac Rashi Sign – Ketu enter into Capricorn

Ketu Transit Predictions for All zodiac Rashi Sign – Ketu enter into Capricorn

The Ketu is going to change his Rashi in this year 2017 date 18 August 2017, Ketu enter or transit in Capricorn. What will its effects for your Rashi sign. Get predictions  now.



Currently, Ketu is in your Eleventh house which is the house of grat income and accomplishments. This preferable positioning of Ketu’s in your Eleventh house would make you more communicative and improve your sense of humour. You would observe an improvement in your wit and prosperity during this period of time. Influence of Ketu over someone’s astrological chart increases their sexual drive, often making them wicked and immoral too.After September, Ketu would move to your Tenth house which is the house of Occupation. With this transition, Ketu would give you a highly imaginative brain but would make you drop attention towards your occupation. You might have to work harder to keep up your professional prominence. Your domestic life also can get hampered during the last phase of 2017.



At present, Ketu is in your Tenth house which is the house of livelihood- means profession. Ketu’s presence in your Tenth house will decrease your interest in your work. Rather, you might find yourself motivated towards reading scriptures and gaining philosophical and spiritual thoughts at the first phase of this year. You might also have to face family altercations and small misunderstandings with your family members just because Ketu is already present in your Tenth house. By the starting of September, Ketu is expected to transport to your Ninth house which is the house of piousness and abroad trips. Post this transition, you might feel that your decision-making ability has become unsharpened. This might lead you to committing dishonest activities as well. You will have to be very cautious while taking resolutions that might leave n adverse effect on you and those who all are around with you. You might plan for a pilgrimage during this period. You are expected to value the views and ideologies of the older era means in short you might behave like old-fashioned in this time.

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At present, Ketu is in your Ninth house. The ubiety of Ketu in your Ninth house might bring ill health to your father. You might make a choice for religious views and company in this phase. There is a high chance that you might plan a trip to a spiritual and pilgrimage. Your brothers and sisters might suffer from health related problems during this phase of the year. By September, Ketu would make the transit to your Eighth house which is the house of mystery and deep sciences. This transition might evoke an interest for spirituality and occultism in a Geminian like you. In this time you might gain fame as well as financial benefit in these fields as well. While Ketu is in your Eighth house, you might be motivated to commit some offensive and illegal work. You might also have to suffer from health related chronic problems such as Piles. Chances of having injuries are greater in this phase.


At present, Ketu is situating in the Eighth house which is known as the house of mysteries. The current positioning of Ketu in your horoscope might inspire you by an interest for sciences such as astrology and occult sciences. If you are a research scholar then this phase would be the best for something new research and inventions.  Ketu is expected to make a transit to your Seventh house which is the house of any kind of partner- be it business partner or life partner. You can expect any good news By September. After that the transition of Ketu in your horoscope can be malicious for your spouse or that person might suffer due to the bad health conditions. The same can be expected for your business partner as well. Do not loose your calmness at this time and deal with these issues with patience and calmness.

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Currently, Ketu is positioned in your Seventh house which is the house of business conglomeration and nuptial bliss. This can be an indication to an increase in fiery arguments and misunderstanding with your business partner and life partner at present. Your spouse can also suffer from health related problems in this period. You might not be able to set up mental synchronization with your soul mate and business partner as well. You might lose interest in your married life in this duration. By the end of August, Ketu would make a move to the Sixth house in your horoscope which is the house of enemies and servants. After this transition, you can secure a position to dominate your rivals. Those who all warming up for the competitive examinations are anticipated to fly high during this time. Be very attentive towards your health as chances of you overseeing the indications of a disease are seriously on the higher side.



At the beginning of 2017 Ketu is in your Sixth house which is the house of opponents and maids. Current positioning of Ketu will enable you to come off unbeaten in any legal battle or a court case. You are expected to enjoy an upper hand in any arguments or challenge that you might face. Those gearing up for various competitive examinations are expected to pass with flying colours, provided that they all possess more focussed and planned approach towards their studies. You might suffer from a venereal disease while Ketu stays in your Sixth house. After the transition of Ketu in your Fifth house in September, the health of your children might deteriorating. Fifth house is the house of education and progenies. During this transit, you are expected to get a hang of a knack for foreign languages, scriptures and spiritual sciences. Be careful as the last phase might create metamorphoses between your beloved and you.

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Currently, Ketu is placed in your Fifth house which is the house of education and youngsters. Ketu’s current position might create changes in your amorous relations. There are augmented chances of you having angry arguments with your darling or breaking up your relationship of love. Your children might suffer from various kind of health issues. You are expected to develop a fondness of mystical sciences and occult sciences. You would find comfort in mysticism during this phase. In the beginning of September, Ketu would make a move to your Fourth house which is the house of mother, comfort and health. Stress can be seen in your personal means family relationships also. Relocation can takes place at this phase. Try to concentrate on practicing yoga and meditation. This blissful phase will bring the scantiness of peace, self-possession and happiness in your life while this transit lasts.



At the beginning of 2017,  Ketu is in your Fourth house which is the house of mother, well-being and wealth. You can expect opinions and disagreements at home during this period. Health of your mother might require special consideration as the position of Ketu in your astrological chart is expected to bring hitches. Also, you might indulge into verbal altercations and dissimilarities with her. You might get disconnected from the rest of the family and might suffer from swelling. To avoid the tension at family in front of you might occupy more time at work in this period. By September, Ketu is expected to change its position and enter your Third house which is the house of bravery and siblings. With this transition you would experience unexpected boost in self-confidence and courage. Your physical endurances and mental constancy is expected to increase after September month. Your strong, creative and entertaining personality will breathe life into your social circle. You might develop a aptitude for courageous sports. Your finances are also expected to gain durability during this transition.



At the present time, Ketu is in your Third house which is the house of courageousness and siblings. This position of Ketu will make you to understand your potential. Your communication skills and endurances will increase and you will put in more energies to accomplish your goals and bull’s eye. Those who all are in field the marketing industry are expected to gain the utmost. Younger sister and brothers might suffer from health related discords. You might be persuaded towards spiritual practices in this duration. By the starting of September, Ketu will move towards your Second house which is the house of family, announcement and prosperity. Be cautious while getting busy into conversations as you might tick the incorrect boxes in their record. Thinking judiciously before constructing significant pronouncements or giving instructions. You will be ergonomically and devote wisely while this transit for the last time. Try to eat garden-fresh as much as you can and steer clear of fried, oily, spicy and bristly edible items. You might encourage ambiguities in your communicative power. To avoid getting into scuffles try to be indifferent about them.

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At present, Ketu is in the Second house which is the house of family, prosperity and discourse. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise regime dutifully as gambolling your meals and workout sessions will affect your health unfavourably. You might feel out-of-the-way from your family and would find mental peace outside your house. You might want to stay silent on various circumstances where your insights and instructs would be required. By September, Ketu is expected to move to your First house which is the house of personality and mental situation. You would behave diplomatically with everyone and your sexual life is expected to get affected at this phase. Your mysterious behaviour would keep people in knots.



At present, Ketu is in your ascendent. Hence, you might feel substantially weak and might suffer from inconsequential health issues such as feeble constitution, piles, fever and headache, which would keep you mentally challenged as well as puzzled. Your diplomatic activities will be at its apex. By the starting of September, Ketu is expected to step into your Twelfth house which is the house of pals and bed comforts. This transit might give you crooked sleeping postures and you might feel the lack of the cosiness of your bed. You will be encouraged to spend on spiritual activities or for gallant causes. You will get attracted towards transcendent practices in this duration. Be careful, as you might need to face health related problems.


Currently, Ketu is in your Twelfth house which is the house of overseas dwelling, friends and bed comforts. While Ketu stays here, you might suffer from health related problems and have disturbed love or conjugal relationship. Your attraction and involvement in spiritual and pious activities is expected to increase during this time span. You might spend on secret things and endeavours. Trip to abroad is also in the row. You might feel emotionally exhausted. Try to devote time in yoga and meditation to keep yourself sane and maintain self-going. By the last trimester of the year Ketu will move to your Eleventh house which is the house of speculation, income and earnings. This association of Ketu with Jupiter would provide you economic introduction a swift and marvellous improvement. Your social gathering will also indulge into getting acquaintances with few new faces. You will spend quality time with your friends in leisureliness and entertainment. They will love the fun loving, humorous and witty nature of a Piscean. You will achieve intellectualism the most in this phase.


No worries while facing problems from Ketu, or undergoing the period of Ketu mahadasha, replicates on the below mentioned tips:

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Observe a fast on every Thursday.

Worship Lord Ganesha daily.

Try to wear Nine Mukhi Rudraksh.

Arrange donation of multi-coloured blanket on Saturdays.

Elevate a black flag in the place of your worship.

The best remedy is to protect yourself from Ketu’s anguish nature by taking a dip, not the appropriate bath.


Hope, after going through this article you can save yourself from any kind of bad effects of Ketu.

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