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Pitru shradh Paksha date 2017 all about informations

Time to pay tribute to our Ancestors on Pitru Paksha 2017


In the Year 2017, Pitru Paksha is starting from 5th September and will continue till 19th September 2017. The 15 days of Pitru Paksha begins from the Hindu month of Ashwin Krishna Paksha (Pratipada) and finish on new moon day of Ashwin month, also called Sarvapitri Amavasya. Worshipping parents is regarded as the greatest form of devotion in Indian culture. People who don’t look after their parents while living with them repent after their death. According to Hindu scriptures, it is necessary to have a family for salvation of ancestors. Raja Bhagirath brought the holy river Ganga from heaven on earth for the salvation of his ancestors.

According to ancient Hindu texts, three major debts are imposed on men namely Pitra Rin (debt of forefathers), Rishi Rin (debt of sages) and Deva Rin (debt of Gods). Pitru Rina is the major among all. Other than father, all elderly family members like mother, grandparents and forefathers who helped us to take birth and grow properly are included in Pitri Rin. Shraddh is an occasion to rekindle the memories of your ancestors even after they leave their mortal bodies.

It means that a man gets rid of all his sins since birth if he offers mole with water to his ancestors thrice.

Shraddha for a person is done on the same date, when he/she left this world. According to the scriptures, if people perform shraddh of ancestors according to their financial capacity with full devotion in Pitru Paksha, then all their wishes come true with the blessings of ancestors. There is a vivid description of the process of Shraddh in ‘Garuda Purana’. Pitra or ancestors come near the earth during Pitru Paksha . Shraddh is performed to satisfy their unsatisfied souls. Our ancestors remain satisfied throughout the year after performing mahalaya Shraddha.

There are various reasons behind Pitra Dosh, like having premature death in the family, insulting honorable family members like parents etc, not performing their funeral and Shraddha properly after their deaths or not performing their yearly shraddha etc. As a result, inspite of having all comforts there is accidental diseases, conflict in family, no increment in money, distress, stress etc.

Pitru Paksha Amavasya is also known as Sarva Pitru Amavasya. Sun gets closest to the moon on this day, and therefore the share of ancestors reaches quickly to the moon from the sun and satisfy the ancestors. So Amavasya Shraddh is really fruitful.

Shraddh is performed for all the ancestors on Pitru Paksha. It is mandatory to perform their Shraddha on Amavasya, if it is not possible to perform it on due date, as it is the last day of Pitru Paksha.

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