Astrologist role to give you happiest life

 Astrology is a science which predicts the future on the basis of certain calculations. This is the reason why it is called as science. Here a belief is followed that the planets and the celestial bodies that are in the universe have a purpose and their existence affect the life of a person in some or the other way. Their minute study tells about a person’s personality, his day to day life, his family, relationships, professional and personal life, i.e. almost all the aspects of his life. Thus this science makes you aware about your future so that you can plan your next move. The person who practices astrology is called as the Astrologist; he is the one who makes all the predictions about your future. He is the one who makes all the calculations and on the basis of that tells you about your future which is a mystery in itself.

Various different views are there in practicing astrology among the Astrologists. Some believe that astrology is based on certain specific symbols and they assume that this science is solely a figurative language where there are certain symbols each representing a particular thing and aspect. On the other hand there is another class of Astrologist which says that these predictions are governed by the position of the planets and other celestial bodies. In fact this other class says that whatever happens to a person happens because of the location of these celestial bodies. On the basis of the positions of these constellations or “nakshatras” as is called in Sanskrit the day to day life predictions, his monthly predictions, yearly predictions, etc. are made. Not only the future but the positions of these celestial bodies also tell about one’s past and current events. There are times when a person thinks how to know about my astrology, at that time Astrologist can be of help. Thus, one can understand the mistakes of his past and not repeat them in present, makes his future much better than his past.

The science of astrology is quite popular these days and even the well renowned personalities take the services of Astrologist. For e.g. in Bollywood, films are released by consulting with these astrologers. Various actors and actresses make suitable changes in their names so that their luck can favor them. Many politicians also seek advice from the astrologers in order to predict their success in any of the forthcoming elections, and if chances of their success are low they perform religious rituals suggested by the Astrologist. Same is the case with the sports personalities. They make changes in their names and also wear the t-shirts in the games with the numbers which are favorable to them and also suggested by the Astrologist.

Thus astrology is highly in demand. Astrology though based on certain rules and principles and the predictions done by its help are based on certain calculations, still it is called as a pseudoscience that is the scientific community has no belief in it. But “psychological science” has full faith in it and its principles. In the year 2006, United States National Science Board made available a print in which astrology is being termed as “pseudoscientific”.

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