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Taurus Career and Business 2015

People, who are born in the sign of Taurus, have Venus as their sign lord. However, in the 10th house of their zodiac, resides Lord Saturn, who is the lord of career and in the 7th house resides lord Mars, which is the Karak planet of business.
The beginning of the years will be god for you and you will be able to work confidently and energetically. Especially in the months of January and February 2015, there is high chance that you will have a promotion or salary hike. Accepting new opportunities and projects within this period is a good idea. This will help you to step forward towards the desired success and financial security that you have been waiting for so long.

However, the following month of March will not be as favorable as you have had it in January and February. But it will not be too bad either. Overseas good news and job opportunities abroad are good options for you to experience.
April on the other hand will reward you by a recommended promotion. More responsibilities in work will be entrusted upon your shoulders and this will improve your business condition. Your colleagues and associates will support you. People associated with cloth, beauty product, jewelry and film have good learning opportunities.
If you work more smartly, the months of May and June will be favorable for you. To make sure that you get the desired results, you need to put effort.

People who are employed in own business, may not find the month of August 2015 to be very impressive for them. There will be not enough job opportunities and you will not get enough good results for the effort that you put in. Therefore, it is advisable that risky decisions are avoided. Take care of your finances as they may get blocked.

September and October 2015 will be a period for impulsive decisions. But you must be careful to avoid penalties. Keeping calm and a cool mind is very important. Keep faith and confidence in your skills and in yourself. If you want to make sure that you out with flying colors against all odds, you have to know how to keep the ball in your court.

November and December will be enjoyable for you, especially for your work and business related issues. You will be able to act and work responsibly. Make sure that you do not restrict your plans only to pen and paper, rather implement them and also finish all your pending works.

Overall this year is going to be quite auspicious for you and you will also have a good financial condition. Your personal and professional lives will face major changes and you will be able to direct your career in a new direction. Just make sure that the change is for the good and you manage to achieve the success that you desire.

Favorable months for career and business
January, February, May, November and December

Unfavorable months for career and business
March and August

Astrological Remedies for Aquarius Career Astrology Prediction 2015

Wear A Complete Rudraksha Kavach and Perform Puja for Job and Career Called Maha Laxmi Pooja.

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