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Capricorn Career and Business 2015

People born in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, have Saturn as their sign lord. However, for Capricorns, the Lord of career, who resides in the 10th house of your zodiac chart, is Venus. And the Lord of business, who is the most significant factor controlling business possibilities and resides in the 7th house is Moon.

The position of Saturn in your zodiac sign will not be very satisfactory. This will cause some disputes related to professional matters. If you work hard, then only you will achieve success. However, there will also be the grace of Venus upon you and this will cause some amount of good results. As Venus is the Lord of career, your career will experience some amount of positive results.

The beginning of this year will be good. There is ample chance and scope for you to gain good results from various fields. Even your friends will be helpful to you and this support will bring beneficial results for your career. You will also be able to finish your work according to your goal and imagination, assuring a better professional atmosphere. If you have been looking for a better social status or gain a higher position in your professional field, you will successfully achieve that in this period, upon a little extra effort. Your seniors, associates, business partners will not only support you, but also guide you properly. Your ideas for business promotion will benefit your business in this phase. Implementing your plans in this period will bear a good fruit.

The 2nd quarter on the other hand, will have a problematic result. There will be too much of anxiety and trouble in your career. Your patience and confidence will be decreased to a great extent and that will have a bad impact on your career graph. You will face constant back-biting, hindrance and obstacles from your colleagues and even the seniors in your office. Avoiding participation in conspiracy and staying away from negative vibes is the best solution. Do not take the risk of offending your superiors or the authorities. Try to be patient and tolerant as it will be just a phase that will pass, and reacting will worsen the situation forever. Your enemies will use your own words against you. Do not indulge in careless financial transit without reading the terms and conditions.

The 3rd quarter of 2015 is going to be moderate and average. On the professional front, there will be good results and you might have to indulge in some travelling associated with business. Due to heavy work load, you might have to stay back in the office till late hours. This effort will not go unnoticed by your seniors and appreciation will come to your ay in the form of reward. Professionally you will experience a strong position. People associated with engineering, cement, oil related companies and manufacturing related business will get good results. Being active will bring positive results and wise decisions will certainly bear positive impacts.

The end of the year will be better than the second last quarter. New projects and assignments will be available and they would be quite interesting to work with. You might have to travel out of station due to these projects. With excessive work load, there will be problems in the personal and social circle, especially in the family front. But these impediments and hurdles would not obstruct your career path. There will be opportunities for you that would help you to flourish in your career. These acknowledgeable opportunities would certainly increase and expand your potential towards an optimistic turn. There will be a constant flow of money.

Favorable months for career and business
January March, November and December

UnFavorable months for career and business
April, July and September

Astrological Remedies for Aquarius Career Astrology Prediction 2015

Wear A Complete Rudraksha Kavach and Perform Puja for Job and Career Called Maha Laxmi Pooja.

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