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Matching of Kundali is an essential part of one of the most sacred Hindu Vedic practice i.e. marriage. In order to accomplish the process of marriage in a successful way it is necessary that all the yardsticks set for an ideal Kundali matching are precisely met by the birth charts of the individuals agreed to marry each other.

Gun Milan is an integrated part of the kundali matching. It can reveal the major details regarding the natures of the individuals, affection, characteristic features, social communication etc. If these Gunas (qualities) are not compatible to each other then it can create hurdles in the marriage process. The preparation of Kundli Milan report is done after taking references from Nakshatras.

In the traditional marriages taking place in the Hindu society the importance of Kundali Milan cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. The matching of kundali determines various factors of a successful married life. With a successful matching the life partners will get bestowed with long life, luck in decision makings, strong finance, mutual affection, health and harmony, sexual compatibility and lot more. If unfortunately a marriage takes place even after Kundali mismatch then it is possible that couple would encounter adverse consequences even leading to divorce, remarriage, etc.

To make the things more convenient it is possible to go for the online Gun Milan as well. The major advantage of online horoscope matching is that it will save a significant amount of time and energy and offer quick results.

There are 36 Gunas present in the horoscope that decide the quality of marriage. In the cases when less than 18 Gunas match each other then it is recommended to discard the marriage. If the match is in between 18-24 out of 36 then the relationship is acceptable to an extent. The relationship is really nice when the match is in between 25 to 32. If it is more than 32 Gunas then it is outstanding.

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All Astrology Reports are Manually Created by Astrologer Pt. Lokesh Jagirdar.


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