Sun Sign Horoscope Reading for Year 2017 for All Zodiac Rashi

Sun Sign Horoscope Reading – Year 2017 for All Zodiac Rashi


  • www.MyastrologyPuja.Com is here with predictions of horoscope 2017 as per your sun sign. In 2017 horoscope, All the predictions are explained in detail based on the western astrology analysis. In the 2017 horoscope, you will have a clear idea about your future.

According to prediction of astrology 2017,

Now, let’s see the predictions of horoscopes 2017.

Aries Horoscope 2017

Aries borns will experience the presence of unpredictable planet Uranus throughout 2017, that is constantly charged with a revolutionary zeal and spirit. As per 2017 horoscope, the individualistic and fiery tone of Aries will be increased by the rebellious colour of Uranus, already present and due to the entry of Mars in the early part of the year. The fact is that Jupiter, being the planet of expansion, is posited in Libra, which is the sign of balance and fairness, will create internal conflicts which will spread in interpersonal and social relationships. But this stress and strain will reduce when Venus enters Aries in early February. Aries borns will come across fresh opportunities and new avenues for relationship when Venus and Mars transit Libra in the last quarter, after Jupiter’s entry in Scorpio. Pluto, the planet of change and secrecy, being posited in Capricorn brings powerful and strong changes in professional field and social status. The inactive capabilities of Aries will be discovered when Mercury becomes direct in January, and along with Sun and Pluto, will bring professional change and improvement of Aries. Saturn trine 11th lord Uranus which enables you to choose a proper career and take right decisions. Saturn, posited in 9th Sagittarius, is in a sextile with the sign lord Jupiter which represents proper utilization of one’s personal resources to overcome any crisis that the Aries native is going to experience in 2017. Aries will maintain excellent health  if their energy is not scattered. There will be both inflow and outflow of money. Aries borns need to be more careful in the first half of the 2017, with their communications styles.

Taurus Horoscope 2017

People born between April 21st to May 21st belong to Sun sign Taurus.

Taurus borns will have Jupiter in 6th Libra, 9th lord Saturn in 8th Sagittarius, 7th lord Pluto in 9th Capricorn, 11th lord Neptune in 11th Pisces, and 10th lord Uranus in 12th Aries for most part of 2017. Jupiter will look on matters of health and service, which means the flow of expansive energies of Jupiter into the difficult 6th house. As per the 2017 horoscope, this transit can be used to change the approach, attitude, perspective associated with work and personal health problems. Saturn, placed in the 8th house, will focus on the struggles in areas of social status, faith and also the means of overcoming these limiting factors through the traditional Saturnine as well as Jupiterian unorthodox method of utilization of internal and external resources. The sextile Jupiter-Saturn is most useful in balancing the 6th and 8th house challenges brought by year’s transits. The placement of Pluto in the 9th Capricorn and Neptune’s placement in the 11th Pisces will turn faith into a powerful force. Pluto and Neptune are involved in the aspect of beneficial sextile other than sharing their auspicious trine connection through their signs. This relationship which is mutually beneficial will make the way for new bonds and partnerships specially in case of business, and consolidation of existing social and personal contacts. The second half of the year will be nice for most Taureans as the situation comes within the grip and they are able deal with it in a positive manner, because of auspicious transits of Venus and Mercury. The savings of Taureans will grow by leaps and bounds, thereby bringing unexpected gains. Taureans will also find enough ways to fulfill their career aspirations, in the latter part of the year, even though the 10th lord Uranus is in 12th Aries. They may also form connections overseas, and with the ingress of Jupiter into Scorpio later in the year will result in Jupiter sextile Pluto and Jupiter trine Neptune, thereby encouraging unexpected but beneficial bondings. Taureans will be able to end the year 2017 in a grand way, through new promises and hopes.


Gemini Horoscope 2017

People born between May 22nd to June 21st belongs to sun sign Gemini.

As per prediction of 2017 astrology, Geminis will remain very busy in 2017 for attending personal and social relationships, and relishing its pleasure and happiness. Jupiter, being the 7th lord of Sagittarius is associated with personal and business relations and  is transiting to 5th house Libra. Both Libra and Sagittarius are connected through useful sextile vibration and due to placement of Jupiter in Venus’s house, it is bound to increase and promote all positive traits of Venus and Libra. Uranus, being the 9th lord of travel, education and fortune is posited in 11th Aries, thereby improving and increasing personal wishes, prospects, aspirations and goals. Uranus opposite to Jupiter is improving the total effects of this transit. Through their signs, Jupiter and Uranus, vibrate positively in sextile pattern and change their mutual empathy through the opposition of 5th and 11th house. There is an increased exchange of ideas, grand visualization, fulfilling of relationships, revolutionary concepts as Uranus and Jupiter are fully aspecting each other, with lot of creativity flowing between, and all these are done with logic of Aries logic and balancing and harmonising of Libra. Neptune being posited in own 10th house Pisces, leads to fulfilment of career dreams and hopes. But, Gemini borns should be very careful about the 8th lord Saturn as it is transiting in 7th house, thereby bringing uncertainty and conflict in marriage. But the situation can be managed properly as 7th lord Jupiter is transiting harmoniously in 5th, thereby maintaining balance of perspective, justice and fairness. Pluto, posited in 6th house is transiting in 8th house, thereby connecting matters related to health and work with insurances and joint management of resources. Geminis need to be aware when their lord Mercury becomes retrograde, i.e. moves backwards, in January, April, August and December. Retrograde Mercury symbolizes reverse communication, thereby leading to misunderstanding and miscommunication, creating stressful situation and confusion for self and home. According to your 2017 horoscopes, the Geminis must learn to tackle personal affairs and relationships in a mature way because of the twin transits of 7th lord Jupiter in difficult 6th and 8th lord Saturn getting into own 8th house in the latter part of the year.

Cancer Horoscope 2017

People born between June 22nd to July 21st belong to sun sign Cancer.

As per 2017 predictions for Cancerians, with 6th lord Jupiter in 4th house Libra and 8th lord Uranus in 10th house Aries forms a major opposition. Jupiter, being 6th lord brings health and work related problems into the personal and home front, and Uranus, being unpredictable by nature owns the 8th house of suddenness and unexpectedness, thereby creating an explosive professional field. Saturn being the 7th lord in 6th house creates confusion and conflict in intimate relationships. Pluto acts as a big saviour, being the 5th lord of Scorpio in 7th Capricorn. Pluto with its intuitive grasp of things brings understanding and stability in personal relationships. Lord of 9th Pisces posited in own waters, helps Cancerians to gain courage and deal with life in a mature way. Pluto and Neptune, being lords of trine houses, forms a beneficial sextile, thereby cultivating patience and eagerness to try and evolve creative strategy and methods. More efforts will be required to keep the restlessness under check, when Pluto and Neptune enter their retrograde phase, during the middle of the year. Cancerians should also be aware of the two lunar eclipse that will occur in the months of February and August. During the lunar eclipse that will take place in February, matters concerning communication, money, wills, legacies, loss will get related to self and will come into focus with their own set of problems which have to be sorted out in a short time. The eclipse of August will be slightly beneficial according to 2017 astrology, in case of concentrated action, finance and profession. Cancerians may feel problems related to creative expression and or childbirth, when 6th lord Jupiter moves into 5th house Scorpio in the later part of the year, but the entry  of 7th lord Saturn in its own sign Capricorn in conjunction with 5th lord Pluto will lead to roadblocks in interpersonal relationships.

Leo Horoscope 2017

People born between July 22nd to August 21st belongs to sun sign Leo.

Jupiter, lord of 5th house is placed in 3rd house Libra thereby making way for creative expression and fulfillment of creative pursuits. Uranus, being the 7th lord in 9th Aries, relates partnerships with spirituality and travel. This Uranus-Jupiter opposition works favourably for Leos planning higher education, travel or religious courses with their partners. Pluto, being 4th lord of Scorpio, is posited in 6th Capricorn and is connecting home and private life related matters with work, health and service. This placement along with Saturn’s placement in 5th disturbs personal life thereby creating tension and pressure in the mind and leads to negative thoughts and confused relations. But the impact of this transit is minimized by the sextile beneficial relationship of Jupiter and Saturn. Changes in the home and personal front, will not be favourable for Leo borns. Neptune, planet of 8th house is posited in own sign indicates sudden inflow of money from unexpected sources. Leos should be careful with two solar eclipse occurring in 2017, one in the month of February and another in the month of August. The first solar eclipse will take place in 8th house Pisces, including Neptune and Mercury along with Sun and Moon, leading to unexpected happenings and troubles. As per prediction of 2017, the other major eclipse of August acts as a catalyst in changing the existing beliefs of Leos. It leads to internal conflicts and  self-questioning thereby creating new thirst and quest towards faith and spirituality related matters. Instability in relations will greatly subside with 5th lord Jupiter moving into 4th house from the 3rd in the later part of the year. Jupiter, being in 4th position forms a sextile with 4th lord Pluto in 6th house thereby creating alternate ways of dealing with differences. The beneficial trine relation between Jupiter and Neptune also improves the positive tendencies of 8th house like joint management of wills, financial resources and legacies.


Virgo Horoscope 2017

People born between August 22nd to September 21st belongs to sun sign Virgo.

As per 2017 prediction of Virgos, Jupiter being lord of 4th Sagittarius in favourable 2nd Libra improves finance, personal and home affairs related matters. The friendly sextile vibrational pattern between Jupiter and Saturn gives more positivity to 2nd, 4th and 5th houses related matters. Pluto being lord of 3rd Scorpio in 5th Capricorn helps in creative expression, albeit coloured by Saturnine conservative and traditional approach and perspective. Uranus being lord of the 6th Aquarius in 8th Aries, combines unpredictable energies with the unexpectedness of 8th house in fiery Aries thereby leading to a near-explosive situation. The tension creating square vibrational pattern of Pluto and Uranus also contribute, to some extent, to the existing friction. But the trine relationship of Uranus and Saturn enables to keep things under control and handle affairs cautiously to maintain stability. Neptune as lord of 7th in own house Pisces helps in maintaining harmonious and sympathetic partnerships. The favourable sextile between Neptune in 7th and Pluto in 5th, along with the empathetic trine vibration as sign lords, leads to fulfilment of harmonious and loving interpersonal relationships and also willing to adjust to differences in viewpoints. Virgos need to be careful of the solar eclipse that will take place in February in their 7th House Pisces. The transits taking place in the later part of the year only strengthen the existing favourable conditions for Virgos according to the prediction of 2017. Jupiter being 4th lord in 3rd Scorpio forms a favourable trine with 7th own sign comfortable position of Neptune. The transit of Saturn into own sign 5th house Capricorn in conjunction with 3rd lord Pluto leads to free flow of communication and creative expression. Virgos need to be careful with their communication styles when Mercury gets into retrograde motion, in January, April, August and December.


Libra Horoscope 2017

Sun Sign Libra is for people born between September 22nd to October 22nd.

In 2017, the presence of 3rd lord Jupiter in Libra highlights both the positive traits of Jupiter and Venus, resulting in expansive and jovial Jupiter happily undertaking the responsibility of balancing Libra in fair and just manner, with benevolence and generosity. According to the 2017 astrology predictions of Librans, the effective blend of enthusiasm of Jupiter and the sophistication of Venus will result in creative communication at its best. The forming of opposition of lord of 5th Uranus in 7th Aries with Jupiter in Libra does not create conflict, as Jupiter and Uranus share their mutually sextile relationship via their respective signs. The presence of 4th lord Saturn in 3rd Sagittarius also contributes positively to this placement. The presence of Uranus in 7th Aries increases passion in relationships, while the trine relationship with Saturn leads to stability of relationships. Pluto as lord of 2nd in 4th Capricorn makes way for appreciative growth and development of property, finance and land acquisition, fulfilled and contented home front, savings and fixed assets and intimate family relations. Neptune, being comfortable as 6th lord in own sign Pisces, activates the service-oriented approach towards work and also focusses deeply with health and healing matters. This placement of Neptune is further improved by the friendly sextile vibration of Pluto and Neptune, because of their beneficial trine sign relationship. With 3rd lord Jupiter making inroads into 2nd house Scorpio in the later part of the year, second house matters such as savings, finance, acquisition, collection of materials of high value gather momentum. Jupiter forming a favourable sextile with 2nd lord Pluto in 4th Capricorn results in rapid change in financial matters, encouraged by the regenerative capacity of Pluto, disciplined and conservative approach of Capricorn to money and materials, and most importantly by the benevolent vibration of Jupiter. Saturn, being lord of 4th sign Capricorn is transiting  into own sign in conjuction with 2nd lord Pluto, forming a sextile with 2nd house Jupiter propels the finance and accumulation matters for Libra.


Scorpio Horoscope 2017

People born between October 23rd to November 22nd belongs to sun sign Scorpio.

The position of Pluto, lord of Scorpio, in 3rd house Capricorn shows how Scorpio borns will deal with different difficult transit in 2017. According to the horoscope 2017 predictions for Scorpions, Jupiter being  lord of 2nd Sagittarius in 12th Libra shows the energies of Jupiter flowing towards mysticism, curiosity towards mysteries of the universe, secrets and mystery regarding financial matters. The philanthropic leanings of Jupiter, and the influence of Jupiter as 2nd lord of finance, will ignite the inclination for many Scorpio borns to get engaged in short-term work assignment in hospitals, prisons and psychiatric institutions. Saturn being 3rd lord of intelligence and communication will concentrate on conserving financial resources and limited expenditure. Uranus, being lord of 4th Aquarius in 6th Aries, will influence 6th house of selfless service and resonating with the vibrations of Jupiter of 12th house Libra in association with work in welfare institutions and charitable activities. Uranus and Jupiter being opponent, their  energies will leave effect on the home and personal relations. Saturn, being lord of house of intelligence, forms a trine with Uranus and a sextile with Jupiter, will carry Plutonic vibration from 3rd house of intelligence Capricorn ensuring a proper channelisation of the unbounded energies of Jupiter and Uranus. Neptune as 5th lord in 5th house of enjoyment, entertainment and creativity forms a sextile with Pluto, lord of Scorpio, resulting in constructive mental occupation. The placement of Pluto in 3rd house Capricorn deals with the communication patterns that aim for change and regeneration in a proper manner. The entry of Jupiter into Scorpio in the later part of the year and the sextile vibration between Pluto and Jupiter will give additional power to financial planning and achievements, with an underlying enthusiastic attitude and temperament. According to the horoscope of 2017, the trine between Jupiter and Neptune improves the style, mode, level and magnitude of entertainment and the resulting happiness and enjoyment.


Sagittarius Horoscope 2017

People born between November 23rd to December 21st belong to sun sign Sagittarius.

Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius, is in 11th Libra, for most part of the year. Sagittarius is a idealistic, fiery, communicator moving in search of the eternal truth with unbounded zeal and enthusiasm of the ruling jovial planet Jupiter. As per the horoscope 2017 of Sagittarius, the magnitude of whatever Jupiter does is on a large scale. Libra, being a sign of balance and harmony, ensures that the expanding energies of the self lord Jupiter are balanced evenly and in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Jupiter will increase acquaintances, friends, social contacts, higher associations, gains from profession, and aspirations in the 11th. Saturn as 2nd lord of Capricorn, in Sagittarius stabilize Jupiterian energies. Saturn, in opposition to Jupiter’s impulsive and expansive nature, is restrictive and constrictive which results in the disciplining utilization of the vibrations of Jupiter and Sagittarius, with practical and pragmatic touch of Saturn. This association is mutually beneficial. Being coloured by Sagittarius and Jupiterian idealism, generosity of spirit and zest for life, Saturn becomes less conservative, more liberal and open. Earnings and accumulation related matters are prominent here as 2nd lord is in Sagittarius and lord of Sagittarius is in 11th, and because of the sextile between Saturn and Jupiter. The presence of 12th lord Scorpio’s ruler Pluto in 2nd Capricorn symolizes mystery and secrecy maintained around the earnings and savings. This can also be due to suspicious nature of Scorpio and also conservative and reserved outlook of Capricorn towards revealing or sharing any personal details. Uranus, as lord of 3rd Aquarius in 5th Aries, leads to creative thinking and way of reasoning, sensing and reacting to situations and people in a different way. The vibrations of Uranus and Aquarius are unpredictable and unexpected, but when they combine with Mars and Aries vibrations they results in original, innovative, logical, advanced, idealistic and visionary style of creativity. The trine Saturn and Uranus relationship leads to practical and pragmatic process of thinking. Neptune being 4th lord in own house Pisces tries to keep the waters in family and home running smoothly. When Jupiter enters 12th Scorpio in October 2017, Jupiter’s search for truth will lead into them into deep waters of mystery and occult knowledge. The August Solar Eclipse that will take place in their 9th house of religion will certainly change their perceptions and beliefs in a major way, according to the 2017 astrology predictions.

Capricorn Horoscope 2017

People born between December 22nd to January 20th belongs to sun sign Capricorn.

Saturn, being lord of Capricorn, in 12th Sagittarius represents the slow and gradual transformation in the action of Saturn, its reacts and responds to people and situations in life. According to the 2017 astrology of Capricorns, Saturn loosens the strong urge to check and erect structures, and also shows curiosity to explore the Sagittarius and Jupiterian world of abstract thinking, philosophy and mysticism. Jupiter, being lord of 12th Sagittarius in 10th Libra, also colours the changes that is being reflected in perspectives and views of Saturn through the beneficial sextile vibration, which will be visible in the choice of occupation and vocation. Pluto as lord of 11th Scorpio in Capricorn puts great emphasis on the strong connection of the self with associations and contacts, keeping in tune with Saturn’s quest for the hidden mysteries of life. Uranus, as lord of 2nd in 4th will connect the assets,earnings, material things, and self worth with the 4th house Aries of family affairs, home and personal matters. The opposition of Uranus and Jupiter may create an internal struggle because the 12th house vibration of Jupiter in 10th Libra leads to a mismatch of wavelength with Uranus in the comfortable placement of Aries. Neptune being 3rd lord in own house Pisces is related with communication and hobbies, and the sextile vibration and trine sign relationship with Pluto, 11th lord of Scorpio in Capricorn will change the style and pattern of mental inclination of Neptune. As per the predictions for 2017, this change at a deeper level will be reinforced by the transit of Jupiter into 11th Scorpio in the later part of the year. Lord of 12th Sagittarius is in 11th Scorpio, forming a sextile with lord of 11th Pluto and involved in a trine with Pisces posited Neptune indicates the mind, along with its longings and aspirations, undergoing change at a psychic and spiritual level.


Aquarius Horoscope 2017

People born between January 21st to February 19th belong to sun sign Aquarius.

Uranus being in fiery and volatile 3rd house Aries, the communication will border around and connected to revolutionary, explosive, unorthodox, utopian ideas and high voltage energy levels. According to the astrology of 2017 for Aquarians, Jupiter’s presence in 11th lord of Sagittarius in 9th Libra, helps in harmonizing and balancing the huge wishes and aspirations of jupiter with the 9th house matters related to spirituality,  abstract thinking and quest for truth strengthened with the Libran sense of fairness and justice. The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus does not create any conflict of thought, but expand the patterns and flow of energy. Neptune’s placement in its own 2nd house Pisces will ensure circulation, smooth flow and consolidation of money and materials. The presence of 10th lord Pluto in 12th Capricorn and the transit of 12th lord Saturn in 11th Sagittarius and the position of 11th lord Jupiter in religious 9th is associating aspects dealing with religion, faith, mysticism, spirituality, withdrawal into self, abstract thinking, detached perspective, regenerative and transformational thought processes to into the big picture, as envisioned by the new age vibration of Uranus Aquarius. The previous house Jupiterian expansion taking place at the intellectual level finds a deeper route within for reflection and introspection, when Jupiter moves into Scorpio in the second half of the year, in order to emerge in the external world loaded with the beneficial sextile formation between Pluto and Jupiter and the trine sign vibration of Jupiter and Neptune. According to the 2017 astrology, the solar and lunar eclipse events that will occur in 2017 involving Aquarius will act as a catalyst for the change that Aquarians experience within themselves and try  to create a new world order.

Pisces Horoscope 2017

People born between February 20th to March 20th belong to sun sign Pisces.

The lord of Pisces Neptune is transiting in its own sign throughout 2017, as per the prediction of horoscope 2017 for Pisceans. Due to the presence of the sign lord, this gives strength to the basic nature, qualities and tendencies of the sign, and therefore acts a source of strength. The solar eclipse of February involving Pisces leads to the internal churning and transformation as a result of various planetary vibrations that are unfolding during the course of the year. Other than Neptune, the North Node, Sun as 6th lord of Leo, Moon as 5th lord of Cancer, and Mercury as the 7th lord of Virgo are activating various events and scenarios. Neptune forming a sextile with the 9th lord Pluto in 11th Capricorn helps in this regeneration and transformation of Pisces. Pluto , being the lord of 9th house Scorpio, trine with Pisces, and therefore increases the mysticism, spiritual enhancement,mystery and metamorphosis. Jupiter being lord of 10th Sagittarius in 8th Libra also contributes to this transformation, but this is actually done more on an abstract level through intellectual weighing and balancing of pros and cons. Saturn as 11th lord of Capricorn in 10th Sagittarius helps in connecting ambition, social status, career, aspirations, public image and rewards from good fortune. It may seem that this placement of Saturn is influencing the events at an external level, but Saturn is getting influenced internally by the sextile connection with 8th house posited in 10th lord Jupiter, 11th house posited 9th lord Pluto, and the trine relationship with 12th lord Uranus in 2nd Aries. Neptune becomes retrograde in the later part of the year due to which some reverse transformation may take place at emotional and psychological level. Jupiter, being lord of 10th Sagittarius, its transit into the 9th house Scorpio, and forming a trine with Neptune and sextile with 9th lord Pluto, will positively increase and contribute to the expansion of consciousness. Saturn being lord of 11th will transit in its own sign Capricorn towards the end of the year and in conjunction with 9th lord Pluto and in sextile with 9th house placed Jupiter, resulting in the assimilation of the various transformational processes experienced by Pisceans, according to the horoscopes of 2017.

We hope that with this horoscope 2017, this year will bring along  beautiful moments for you.

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