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Jupiter Transit Virgo 2016 Predictions for All Zodiac Rashi Sign till 2017

Predictions about Jupiter Transit 2016 in Virgo to 2017  via Vedic Astrology

Transit of Jupiter in Virgo will occur on 11th of August, 2016 and it will stay there till 12th September, 2017. Like any other normal transit, the transit of Jupiter will affect each and every zodiac sign. Read on the predictions of Jupiter transit in Virgo and see what changes it will bring about.

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Jupiter transit will enter the 6th house of your kundali in the year 2016 and will remain in Mercury, the moon sign of 3rd house lord and 6th house lord. During this time period of transition, the natives of Aries will become successful in handling their competitors but they should always make sure so as to keep themselves away from all kind of controversy. Inspite of all these you will be able to win in case you face some problem. According to the prediction of the transit of Jupiter in 2016, it will benefit you on a major basis. Both the businessmen as well as working people are going to experience smoothness in their lives. They will be able to experience this especially if their work is related to other countries. You will lead a satisfactory life regarding your family as well as financial matters according to the predictions of Jupiter transit in 2016.


Remedies: Daily Chant Om Brim Brihaspthaye Namah 108 times

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The transit of Jupiter in 2016 will occur in 5th house of your kundali. It will remain in the moon sign of your lord of second and fifth house. As a result, good things will happen to you because of this. Your children & education life will go on very nicely. Harmony will prevail in your life. According to the transit of Jupiter 2016, your hard work will maximize your income. Jupiter is the lord of your 8th house, so there are high chances that some obstacles may come across your way; it may be a health issue as because there is the aspect of 8th house on your 1st house. It is very essential to take proper care of your foot and stomach.


Remedies: Daily Chants OM GUM GURUVE NAMAH OM 108 times.



Transit of Jupiter in 2016 will occur in 4th house which is the house of karma & property, because of which you will get beneficial results in your professional life. You will get good results, may be a promotion, in return of the hard work that you have been doing for so long time. As per predictions of Jupiter transit 2016, this time is perfect for those who are planning to change their job or invest somewhere. You will also get opportunities to meet people who are at senior position. You may buy a car or house or may also contribute to any temple.


Remedies: Donate Chana Daal and Gud to Shiva Temple every Thursday.


Transit of Jupiter in 2016 will occur in your 3rd house. You will feel a new level of confidence as Jupiter is the lord of your 6th & 9th house. But always be careful and try to make sure that this confidence does not harm your relationship in any way with your brothers or neighbors. You will also get a lot of benefit from travelling but you also need to take proper care of yourself. You will get a lot of help from your friends, brothers and colleagues. According to Jupiter transit 2016, a peaceful romantic life will prevail in the life of married people as well as in the life of those who are still single.


Remedies: Worshiping lord Shiva and Offer Rice and Sugar every Thursday.



The transit of Jupiter in 2016 is going to occur in the second house. Jupiter being the lord of your 5th & 8th house will bring about an improvement in your financial matters. It will be possible for you to make some savings now. If you are really worried and stressed about your money being stuck somewhere, then just sit back and relax because now your money will come back to you. Instead go and spend money for your family. An auspicious event may take place or a newborn might come into your life. But be very careful while driving and relish your love life.


Remedies: Donate Yellow Fruits to poor.



With the transit of Jupiter in your 1st house and Jupiter being the lord of your 4th & 7th house, will make your mind peaceful. There will be an improvement in the environment of your family. The natives of this zodiac sign may get married this year. According to the prediction of the Jupiter transit 2016, happiness will prevail in your love life. Auspicious event might take place in your family. There are chances for Virgos to get promoted in this year according to the prediction of Jupiter transit.


Remedies: Offer Yeallow Flower to any Devi Temple.



Jupiter being the lord of 3rd of 6th house will transit in your 12th house. The Jupiter transition in 2016 is not much favorable for you because of which you may feel less confident. Some people might try to trouble you a lot. Long distance journeys will seem to be quite hectic and you will also be not benefited from it. Jupiter transit 2016 suggests you to maintain good and cordial relations with your neighbors. Maintain your finances properly to enjoy a blissful life.


Remedies: Daily Chant Om Brim Brihapathaye Namah 108 times.



Jupiter Transit will occupy the 11th house of your kundali in the year 2016. Jupiter being the lord of 2nd & 5th house will help you to enjoy great financial life. Jupiter transit 2016 will bring forward a new way to earn money. Students who are going for higher studies will surely get success as well as those who are planning better future for their children. The philosophical side inside you might also come front. According to prediction, marriage or any other auspicious event will take place in your life.


Remedies: Offer Rice and Milk to Lord ShivaLingam.



Transit of Jupiter in 2016 will occur in 10th house of your kundali. Jupiter being the lord of your 4th house and moon sign will provide you with good results according to your Karma. In 2016, your business will shine because of Jupiter transit and you will definitely achieve success if you are planning to expand your business. You will be more benefited by work related journeys. There will be an enhancement in your self esteem and personal life due to this Jupiter transit. You will also be benefited by the purchase of a new vehicle or land.


Remedies: Doante Yellow Cloth to poor or any temple’s Pandit.


Jupiter transit in 2016 will occur in your 9th house. As Jupiter is the lord of 12th and 3rd house, your life will be filled with a mixture of everything. At one time, you will be happy at one time and there may be times when a horizontal phase of mood will go on. Meeting with senior people from religious and social sector will really prove to be very helpful. According to the suggestion of Jupiter transit 2016, your bond with neighbors and your relatives will help you to make your professional life better.


Remedies: Donate yellow sweet to Kanya.



Jupiter Transit 2016 will occupy the 8th house of your kundali. Jupiter is the lord of your 2nd & 11th house. According to the prediction of Jupiter transit 2016, you need to be very careful about your financial life. This does not mean that anything bad will come in your way, just try to ignore making big investments. Try to maintain a calm atmosphere at your home. You can also practice occult science during this transit. Jupiter transit advises you to be self dependent.


Remedies: 5 Yellow Fruit and  5 Haldi offer to Lord Ganesha every Thursday.



Jupiter transit in 2016 will take place in the 7th house of your kundali. Jupiter being the lord of 10th house and moon sign of your kundali is the lord of your accomplishments. The professional life of the natives will run smoothly throughout the phase of Jupiter transit. All your desires will be fulfilled during his time period. Married couples will have a romantic and blissful experience in their life. Singles may find a new love in their life.


Remedies: todo fast on Thursday.

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