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Vaastu for Residential Apartments:

Your home must attract good luck for you. In this section of vaastu you will get the suggestions and helps in creating positive influences at your home. Vaastu principles improve the luck and create an environment which keeps the evil forces at bay. Vaastu also helps to keep from the evil eye and the negative influences of the outside world. Vaastu principle is a science and a link between human being and nature. Vaastu principle is based on different energies that come from atmosphere like cosmic energy, lunar energy, solar energy from sun, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. All these energies can be balanced to enhance prosperity, peace, and success. If a residential apartment is made according to vaastu principles, the people enjoy all the happiness in life.

Here are some important points of the residential apartment to take care, according to vaastu:

Proper location of Bedroom.

Proper location of Locker room.

Proper location of Bathroom.

Proper location of Drawing room.

Proper location of Dining room.

Proper location of Pooja room.

Proper location of Guest room.

Proper location of Children room.

Proper location of Study room.

Proper location of Kitchen.

Proper location of Store room.

Proper location of Medical room.

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Delivery Instructions:

  • Usually delivers in 5-7 working days


  1. Directional placement of Water Bodies.

  2. Nature of the problem.

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