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Vaastu for Bathroom and Toilet:

In this section of vaastu you will get the proper position and location of the bathroom and toilet in the house. And you will also get proper direction and placement of wash basin, mirror, geysers, bathing area, windows, entrance door, showers etc in the house. It is plays the important role in the house and if not dealt with suitably will lead to financial, health and mental problems.

According to vaastu bathroom is located in North or North-West part of the house. If bathroom and toilet is not situated the proper place, it can cause health and financial problems. According to vaastu shastra bathroom of house should not be in South, South-East and South-West direction. According to the vaastu shastra toilet should be located in west or northwest direction. And combined bathroom and toilet should be in north-west direction. In present time combined toilet and bathroom is becoming popular due to lake of space. Bathroom and toilet of house should not be adjacent to Pooja room, under the stairs and kitchen, according to vaastu shastra. In this report you will get the detailed report for proper direction of bathroom and toilet of your house according to vaastu shastra.

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  1. Directional placement of Water Bodies.

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