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Pisces Health Horoscope 2015

Pisces sign Health issues Horoscope for 2015

Jupiter is the main lord of your zodiac signs. The movements of the planet Jupiter will affect your basic health. The Sun is main lord of disease for you.

Thanks to good positions of sign lord Jupiter, you will see your health improving in the first quarter of the 2015 year.

The next quarter will also be a good time for your health. You will have good energy too. No real issues will be noticed. Take care of parents, their health might be a problem.

The second last quarter will not be as good as the first two. You might not have good health during this period.

Your vitality and self-confidence levels will remain high, but minor health problems may affect you. You should over work, as it may cause stress and tension in your professional life. There might be a concern, in form of the health of an elderly friend or relative.

Chances of what diseases, you could come across, for Pisces in 2015
You might issues regarding to Eye disease, head-aches, fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, heart issues, bile problems, Thirst and sun stroke problems this year.

What are the Good months for health for Pisces in 2015?
March, April and July are your best months

What are the Poor months for health for Pisces in 2015?
September and December are bad months

Solution for good health for Pisces in 2015
On Sundays, donate food to the needy
Try reciting Jupiter mantras

Astrological Remedies for Aquarius Health Astrology Prediction 2015

Wear A Complete Rudraksha Kavach and Perform Puja for Health Called Hanuman Puja.

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