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Capricorn Health Horoscope 2015

Capricorn sign health related issue Horoscope for 2015

Planet Saturn is lord of your zodiac sign. Movement of the will affect your good health. The planet Mercury is lord of diseases for your sign.

In the first period of the year, you will have good health. You will also have happiness and energy.

In the second part, your heath will be fine and your vitality levels will be greater. But, you might have a problem of overreactions, especially when you are in a tiring or pressured position. Do try to sleep more and be more punctual.

The third quarter also shows no signs of any major health problems. Sleep and eat good to avoid any stomach, nerve or blood pressure problems.

In the fourth quarter, you will once again enjoy good health. You will be able to enjoy all the good things in life. This period will yield you good health all through-out.

Chances of what diseases, you might catch, for Capricorn in 2015
The Planets movements may create some issues related to gas troubles, rheumatism problems, arthritis issues, defective speech problems, tooth ailments, indigestion issues, ulcer problems and asthma during the year 2015.

What are the Good months for health for Capricorn in 2015?
January, March and December the positive months for the year 2015

What are the Poor months for health for Capricorn in 2015?
May and July are the months you should be aware of.

Solution for good health for Capricorn in 2015
Recite and saying the Mercury mantra will help you
Worship lord shani during the year

Astrological Remedies for Aquarius Health Astrology Prediction 2015

Wear A Complete Rudraksha Kavach and Perform Puja for Health Called Hanuman Puja.

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