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Home >>  Career Horoscope - 2014 >> Leo

Leo Career 2014

Career and Public Image

The Leo born people has great desire to be wealthy as they believe that power comes with health. If they attain lots of money by any means, they will spend it in buying big house with vast landscape and lots of pets. Professional Leos work extremely well at high authorities and powerful positions. They are excellent at decision making and are gifted with socializing ability, proper understanding and connecting people. All these features make them gain respect from their employees and colleagues.

When it comes to achieving higher positions, Leo are ready to strive hardest by any possible mean from top to bottom. Leo is the only zodiac sign which are charismatic and take great enthusiasm in their work.

Leos do not like bosses. They do not like somebody guiding them towards what to do and what not to do. This egoistic nature is due to their desire to be at the place of his boss. They are very keen to have the right of making decisions.

Leos never leave they focus and always pay close attention to whatever work they do. This is the main feature that later exploits into success. However, sometimes they might get wrong unwillingly. They believe in rejoicing with everyone at the time of their success. Leos want to be treated as hard working professionals and established persons. They do not miss out fun for their hard work. They love to keep proper balance in their work and fun.

Career Trends in 2014

Planet Uranus will gain its position in 9th house of your horoscope in this year. Due to this you will get the changes to attain high intellect by travelling abroad for studies. This position will remain till March 2019. You will develop interest in various new subjects and will gain ample amount of knowledge.

As the 9th house of horoscope deals with mysteries, religion and philosophy, thus you may also think for studying new course in this year and will look for a good institution of the same. Further in this year, you will generate interest in religious and political studies. You will also find yourself loving philosophy books.

If you have ever made a plan to publish you own book in coming years, then this is the high time for you to start your work. Not only writing but you can also share your knowledge by speaking. All these efforts will take you towards your ultimate goal.

Travelling will play a very vast role in this year for you. Travelling not only makes you spontaneous, it also increases your awareness. There will be chances that you will meet broadcasting and publishing vendors in abroad.

Mars has made its place in your 3rd house which is meant for travelling. This means that you will get lots of travelling this year. Even more than you have done in the past few years. There might be the chances that you will either travel to your clients for sales or might go on holiday trips.

Venus Gets Nostalgic for the month of January!

In the month of January, Venus will get nostalgic but you can overlook its behavior. It might be the case that during this month the company you are planning to get recruited in, does not take new employees due to its reorganization. You just have to wait till the end of the month and everything will be settled for you.

Astrological Remedies for Leo Career Astrology Prediction 2014

Wear A Complete Rudraksha Kavach and Perform Puja for Job and Career Called Devi Path.

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